Stimulus Package and Local Jobs

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President Obama is delivering a status report Wednesday concerning the $787 billion stimulus plan, which was passed a year ago. The question is, how much of that money has made its way into the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Manpower Staffing Service Supervisor, Sandy Brown, says energy related industries are seeing the most help. However, other businesses in the Parkersburg/Marietta area aren't seeing any direct results from the stimulus package.

Brown says it's still too soon to judge the impact it's having on local jobs.

"The stimulus package while it's a great idea in concept, but in theory it's taking so long to trickle down and I'm not really sure how much money has been released to the various communities at this time," Brown said.

She says some businesses aren't able to acquire stimulus money because of certain restrictions. One example given was a project that required all materials and manufacturing to be from the United States, and that specific company simply wasn't able to accomplish that.

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