W.Va. Beer Tax Proposal's Impact on Local Businesses

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Lawmakers in the Mountain State are discussing the possibility of raising the tax on beer, but this bill doesn't come without opposition from the public.

Currently the beer tax in West Virginia and Ohio are the same, but the proposal is to raise West Virginia's tax from $5.50 a barrel to $19.25 a barrel.

The liquor manager at the North End Market in Parkersburg says a similar situation in Illinois caused Missouri's sales to skyrocket. Now, some fear West Virginia will experience the same outcome.

"Any potential increase in the sales tax will cause people to just go across the river and go to Belpre now. It would decrease our sales. It really wouldn't benefit what they're proposing the tax for."

Supporters of the bill say the increase would generate extra revenue that can be used for substance abuse prevention and treatment programs.

According to the Associated Press, a public hearing has been scheduled for Monday night in Charleston.

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