Preparing for the WESTEST

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One of the biggest events on West Virginia's school calendar is the WESTEST, which is used to measure what students learn throughout the school year.

This school year's abundance of snow days is having an impact on what's being done to prepare for the test.

The WESTEST is scheduled for May 17 through the 28, so pushing back the date isn't an option.

The test basically covers language arts, math, science and social studies. So, to make sure students are taught all the material required during a school year, teachers are taking the time to rework lesson plans.

"I always say, 'you have the things you need to do, the things you can do next and the things that are nice to do.' Well, they'll make sure the needed gets done. Some of the next will get done. The nice may suffer a little bit," Sue Woodward, Wood County Schools Director of Public Relations School Improvement, said.

Woodward says the best way teachers can help students prepare is to not focus on the test itself, but to simply teach the content standards measured by the test.

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