Filtering Out C8: Nearly A Reality

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Construction of the filtration plant for the Little Hocking Water and Sewer district has been a long time in coming.

"We consider it experimental; we don't know for sure how it will work," says Robert Griffin, Manager of the Little Hocking Water and Sewer District. "It appears to have worked for Belpre and Tuppers Plains. Our C8 levels are much higher, so we're just kind of waiting to see if it will be effective."

Earlier this year, construction also was under way on a filtration plant for the Lubeck Public Service District. District Manager Jim Cox was not available for comment Friday. We were told the plant was completed a month ago and now in operation. However, when we attempted to photograph the plant, P.S.D. employees told our photographer we were not allowed to do so.

As for the Little Hocking plant, it's expected to be working by fall.

"The plant will be done by the end of September, but it will not be instantaneous C8-free water," Griffin says. "We have to establish that it is removing the C8. We consider it kind of an interim step, if it's experimental, whether it's going to work for us or not."

It is hoped by everyone it will resolve one element of the long C8 dispute.

On another matter, the C8 Science Panel plans to release its findings on the relationship between C8 and public health on its website, once those findings are reported to Wood County Circuit Court.

That website address is