Second Sentencing

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Prison time and restitution for using a stolen credit card is what the second person sentenced for last year's massive fire in downtown Marietta can look forward to.

Steven Lemon pleaded guilty recently to two breaking and entering counts. Judge Ed Lane sentenced him to 22 months in prison.

The fire broke out after Lemon and Terley Clagg broke into a Front Street business in the early morning hours of November 28.

"The saying goes, 'time heals all wounds'", Lemon said in a prepared statement to the owners who lost businesses in the fire just after Thanksgiving Day. "And I sincerely hope you can look back upon this, think about the stupid idiot who messed up your lives in November of 2003, and think a little less harshly of him."

The fire is reported to have started when a candle Clagg had lit when a flashlight went out fell over. Lemon and his attorney, Rolf Baumgartel, both noted Lemon didn't start the fire, but both Judge Ed Lane and assistant Washington County prosecutor Kevin Rings noted the fire wasn't the only thing the two men were accused of.

"And then, after doing this, they used a stolen credit card all the way from Parkersburg to Columbus," said assistant prosecutor Kevin Rings. "So that doesn't show we were all upset and torn up over what had just taken place."

The fire caused an estimated $800,000 in losses. Clagg, who pleaded guilty to aggravated arson and theft, recently was sentenced to 11 years in prison.