Wood County Helps Launch Military On-line Voting Program

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For the first time ever U.S. military men and women will get to vote on-line, and those from Wood County are some of the few receiving the opportunity.

West Virginia is actually the first state using the program that allows military to vote via the Internet, and Wood County is one of only five counties participating.”

Software for the pilot program was tested in the county clerk's office Tuesday morning. It will enable military personnel and their spouses who are currently stationed outside the county to vote on-line in this year's primary election.

We caught up with a ballot commissioner whose brother was just deployed with the 10-92nd engineer battalion.

"Before he left he said, 'how am I gonna vote this year?' Well, this is how he's gonna vote this year, and it's a fully secure system. It's just gonna be wonderful for our military not to lose their right to vote," Ed Long said.

Those who qualify can begin voting March 30 and can do so up until primary day, May 11.

Another convenience is there's no time constraint. Voters will be able to log on any time day or night and cast their ballot.

Any one with more questions about how the new program works can call the county clerk's office at (304) 424-1860.

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