It's Not the Heat...

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Denver Cline doesn't just have to work outdoors. In cooking hamburgers and sausages as a fundraiser for the Blenerhassett Church of the Nazarene, he has to work over a hot stove, or more to the point, an open fire.

"I get away for a break while they're cooking," Cline says, "and I go back and do it again."

Everybody attending the West Virginia Interstate Fair and Exposition in Mineral Wells has his own way of keeping cool, whether it’s staying in the shade or air conditioning or even bringing a cooler along.

"[I take] many breaks," says Kathy Edmund of Vienna. "That's why we brought our lawn chairs, so we can sit while the kids play."

"It's been hot and muggy out here, and everybody's getting dehydrated," says vendor Ted O'Connell. "Water has been very popular, and lemonade's hard to keep up with."

And it isn't just people who have to find ways to keep cool. Farm animals are also part of this fair, and they're affected by the weather as well. Thomas life is keeping four livestock at this year's fair. That's five, including himself, he has to keep comfortable.

"We keep the fans on all the time, to keep them cool," Life says. "I take water to them every other hour, and that keeps them cool, too."

A breeze brought some relief on Wednesday, and both the temperature, along with the humidity might ease a bit late in the week, and a reminder that one of the fair's big events, the annual livestock auction, is scheduled to take place Thursday night.