Guidry Trial Verdict: Guilty

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The trial of a 22-year-old Washington County man ended Thursday with a guilty verdict. After six hours of deliberations Wednesday night and Thursday morning, a 12-member jury convicted Leo Guidry of the death last November of his two-month-old daughter.

The two days of testimony included the playing of a video to the jury of an interview Washington County sheriff's deputies conducted with Guidry just days after Falicia Guidry's death last November 25.

Prosecutor Michael Spahr said in closing statements Wednesday there's no doubt Guidry struck the child to quiet her during a crucial part of a movie on TV that night.

"He had a couple of beers and she interrupted the part of the movie he had been waiting all evening to see," Spahr told the jury, "and Alicia was asleep, and so he belted the kid."

The video in one spot shows Guidry hitting a teddy bear meant to represent the child, while demonstrating to the deputies how the child was struck. Guidry, however, maintained his actions were an accident.

Spahr also says it wasn't known until well after the Falicia Guidry's death that she even suffered head injuries. That's one reason doctors initially believed Falicia's death was the result of shaken baby syndrome or even Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), but an element also introduced in this trial by both Guidry and his attorney is previous injuries to the child, which may have been inflicted by her mother, Alicia.

Hansen, just weeks before her death, said, "Suppose Alicia was on trial for murdering that baby, would you be able to convict her?" Guidry's attorney, Janet McKim, asked the jury Wednesday. "On this evidence, maybe you could."

Another jury, in fact, may get that chance. Asked Thursday whether charges may be sought against Hansen, in Guidry's case, the mandatory sentence for his conviction is 15 years to life in prison. Guidry is to be sentenced August 27.