"We Will Rock You"

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Three Parkersburg area bands will be "front and center" later this month at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They will all perform at a show July 31 and August 1, sponsored by the music collectors' magazine Goldmine".

One of them, "Poobah", has performed at the hall before, most recently at last year's collector’s show at the hall. The band's front man, Jim Gustavson, said he suggested the other local groups to the show's organizers.

"I've already had David Allan Coe's manager telling me he's coming to watch us," Gustavson says, "because he's thinking about picking up some new bands for his record label."

“Eleven-eleven", a local, five-man band which has been performing, ironically, for eleven years. Member Barry Gibson says it's not the first time it's played in a major city.

"We played the Los Angeles Music Awards last year," Gibson says, "and there was a lot of people there, so you kind of get used to it."

Doug McBride, a member of Dirty Sanchez, says it's a chance to showcase not only local bands, but also put the local area itself front and center.

"We've been out of town playing with Jim a couple of times," McBride says, "and it's now made our band stand out from what a lot of bands I've seen try to get out of town and do."

And if you can't catch them at the rock hall, all three bands will be performing locally this weekend. They'll be at a special concert this Saturday night beginning at 9 p.m. at Buffalo Wild Wings on Murdoch Avenue.