Expansion Project Under Way

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The project is just one more element of what not only hospital officials, but city leaders say is a new era for the city of Parkersburg.

"Factors like expanding highways, infrastructure, health and medical care expansions, a strong school system, governmental facility expansion," said Mayor Jimmy Colombo. "Potential increase in jobs and pride in our community are all in place."

The 120,000 square foot expansion is slated to add both new patient and surgical rooms.  While health care in recent years has emphasized out-patient care, a hospital physician says diagnosing illnesses is still a major part of Camden's operations.

"We addition will provide for endoscopy suites near this side of the building," said Dr. Michael Moorehead, "and we think that will provide for more efficient care."

While Camden is still known as city hospital, both officially and in the eyes of the public, it's actually expanded into a regional hospital in the past ten years.

 "We have a lot of folks coming from a lot of areas, we're now a regional medical center," said C.E.O. Mike King, "and we think this project now supports that concept."

St. Joseph's Hospital completed a major expansion in 2000, and Marietta Memorial Hospital is in the middle of an expansion of its own.  But this project will likely make Camden the area's largest hospital.

The project is expected to be completed by 2007.