Senior Citizens Want More Details on the Future of Health Care

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The topic of health care reform continues to take center stage across the nation. The new law is more than 1,000 pages long, and many find it difficult to understand.

One specific group impacted by health care is senior citizens. We caught up with residents at the Wood County Senior Citizen Center about their thoughts on health care.

Although they have a variety of opinions about the issue, one thing they all agree on is the need for more details.

"They're not explaining' stuff the way it should be explained," Delbert Simons said.

"We just want more information. It's very confusing," Janet Frazier said.

"I've been watching' it pretty close, and of course there's a lot I don't know because I haven't read the bill," Charles Peck said.

Seniors are hearing multiple rumors about health care reform, and say they're having trouble separating fact from fiction.

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