Mountaineer Success Boosts Business

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As WVU makes it past the 'Elite Eight,' Mountaineer fans are gearing up for the 'Final Four,' and the big game Saturday.

The North End Tavern and Brewery in Parkersburg is one of many establishments carrying the game.

From ceiling to floor, it's already decked out in blue and gold, but there's still a lot of planning and work that goes into such a highly anticipated event.

The owner says he expects an even larger crowd than this past weekend's game, when WVU beat Kentucky.

"If the buzz continues on this thing; I mean people are excited. We're gonna have a great week. Some of us were talking, and we may have to consider building another room on this tavern," Joe Roedersheimer, North End Tavern Owner, said.

The Tavern will be busy all week preparing for the game, and is even considering brewing up some blue beer.

West Virginia will take on Duke Saturday night in Indianapolis.

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