All Eyes on Boston?

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There may be a lot of enthusiasm inside the convention hall.

"In terms of how the West Virginia delegation is doing, it is a pumped-up delegation, and last night on the floor, the place was just electric," said Governor Bob Wise in a satellite interview Tuesday morning.

But this convention may be shaping up to be the least-watched political gathering in history and these people, interviewed at Parkersburg's Third Street Deli, may be a few speaking for many.

"Did you watch the convention last night?" we asked Ginger Watkins.

"No, I didn't."

A similar answer came from Bob Lawton, "I get most of my information over the radio, or from newspapers," he said.

One person who did watch Monday night is from Switzerland.

Nicolas Cudre-Navroux says, "I say maybe they are (interested in the convention), but use other ways to get information," said Nicolas Cadre-Navroux, "and maybe something that is less prepared, with more of a critical view."

Perhaps the lack of viewership is in relation to the lack of live coverage. Neither ABC, CBS or NBC planned to air live any of Tuesday night's convention proceedings.

It isn't that no one's watching. Political junkies are finding plenty of coverage on cable, the internet, and on one broadcast source, PBS, but barring a "read my lips"-type sound bite from John Kerry in his Thursday acceptance speech, the real drama on TV this week may be on Law and Order or CSI.

WTAP and NBC will air convention coverage Wednesday night, when John Kerry is formally nominated as the democrats' presidential candidate, and on Thursday night when Kerry delivers his acceptance speech.