Soldiers Deploy to Afghanistan

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Thirty men and women are on their way to Afghanistan to serve their country.

The 2/104th Aviation Unit received a standing ovation as it deployed from Williamstown Wednesday afternoon.

Soldiers were able to spend the morning saying goodbye to family and friends.

The men and women serving say they're proud to be making the trip overseas, but that nothing will be as sweet as returning home to their families.

"I'll miss the first time she walks and talks in a sentence; that's the hard part, leaving them behind," Troy McMahan said about his wife, Cara and 10-month-old daughter, Leah.

"They've had a pretty good grip on me for the past couple of weeks," Darren Plants said about his two children, Heath and Shelby.

The troop will be training at Fort Hood in Texas for about 40 days before heading to Afghanistan. It's expected to return in one year.

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