Anderson Attorney Out?

Eugene Robert Anderson
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George Cosenza, the attorney for former Marietta College professor Eugene Robert Anderson, has filed a motion to be excused from the case.

Anderson was convicted in Washington County last week, on more than 100 child pornography and prostitution charges.

Anderson is scheduled to be tried Oct. 1 on similar charges in Wood County, but Cosenza's motion could mean that trial could be delayed.

In the motion, Cosenza indicated Anderson can no longer afford to pay his attorneys for their services. The motion also states Anderson wants to represent himself, with the assistance of a court-appointed lawyer.

The West Virginia trial has already been postponed once, to allow the defense more time to prepare a case.

A hearing is scheduled Friday morning on Cosenza's motion. The Wood County trial does not include the pornography charges the Ohio trial did.

Anderson is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 24, on his conviction in Washington County.