Students Volunteer at Election Office

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No matter how many issues or candidates are on the ballot, election season is always a busy time for county election offices.

The Washington County Board of Elections has found a way to stay on top of all that paper work. With a little help from some volunteers, election officials can stay better focused; allowing the voting process to run smoothly.

"We do anything from cutting stickers to entering data into the computer," Carla Lee, a student volunteer from the Washington County Career Center, said.

Lee hopes to someday be an administrative assistant, which is her reason for spending her afternoons in the election office.

"It just gives me the experience for future job references, so hopefully it'll get my foot in the door at other places," Lee said.

A variety of other students are hoping for the same thing.

"It's been pretty busy. We have stacks of stuff to do when we get here," Kacie Wright, a student volunteer said.

Staying busy in order to gain experience; these volunteers aren't the only ones benefiting from their work.

"It's really been the difference between us making the budget or not, so we really appreciate their help," Peggy Byers, board of elections' director, said. "It's nice to have them in the office. It's a different attitude, a different age group and we really enjoy it."

"I just like office work; working on computers, getting to talk to people and helping out with stuff that needs to be done," Lee said.

By volunteering just a few hours a week, students say they're learning exactly what goes into the types of careers they're seeking.

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