Fire Burns House to the Ground

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A Washington County family is without a home after the house they were living in burned to the ground Friday morning.

Firefighters responded just after 8 a.m. to what was a two-story farm house on Cow Run Road in Washington County.

Firefighters say the house wasn't equipped with smoke detectors, and that the family of six was lucky to make it out safely.

"An adult heard the four-week-old kid choking' and coughing. They got up and the house was full of smoke and on fire. Again, no smoke alarms, so very lucky that it wasn't worse than what it was," Dan Ritchey, with the Reno Volunteer Fire Department, said.

Firefighters are still investigating the cause of the fire.

At least one resident claims there were two smoke detectors in the home but they did not sound off.

Donations for the family may be taken to the Bowlin Dairy for distribution to the family.

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