Arch Coal Achievement Awards

The Wood county Board of Education celebrated the Arch Coal Achievement Awards for two teachers Tuesday evening.

After being nominated by their peers, an application process names twelve teachers within the Mountain State for excellence in Education.

And two of those educators hail from the Wood County School District.

They both say it means a great deal to receive such recognition.

"They have validated that what I am doing is a good thing," explains Math teacher Mary Wright. " I'm working with students of all abilities and I need to prepare them for the future for whatever their career path is going to be."

Special Education Teacher David Stone agrees. " Well, as Mary says, it sort of validates what you're doing and for a long time, a lot of the thematic and project-based activities that we worked on were more out of the main stream than they are now and so it's an exciting time to teach in the 21st Century...NOW!"

Wright and Stone say they will be back in the classroom Wednesday, ready to continue leading their students into their future.

In other news, the Board of Education also considered doing away with Spring Break next year, if the number of snow days rises above nine.

They stress that Spring Break is not guaranteed to anyone this next school year.

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