Stolen Goods Ring Halted

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Items ranging from body piercings to electronics have disappeared from a number of local businesses this summer.

Thursday, those items were recovered by Wood County Sheriff's deputies and Parkersburg City Police.

What broke the case wide open was an arrest the sheriff's department made earlier this week in connection with a recent series of breakings and enterings.

Information from that arrest led authorities to search two residences on Parkersburg’s south side, and another outside the city.

"We've recovered property that was stolen from businesses: Betty Brite Cleaners, Cloud Nine, and I have information the Polo Club was broken into," said Lt. John Young of the Parkersburg Police Department.

Police are also looking into a link to a recent series of thefts in Ritchie County.

"We did recover some property. We might later try to link that to some Ritchie County break-ins," Lt. Young told reporters.

Police were questioning individuals about the thefts late Thursday afternoon, but at last report, no arrests had been made.