UPDATE: Dispatchers Adjusting to New Technology

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UPDATE 12/12/2013 4:45 PM

It's a work in progress.

Wood County 911 dispatchers are still trying to get comfortable with technology changes.

The changes in the dispatching system were installed in August.

9-1-1 director Randy Lowe says the system's vendor will be in town next week for more training and to make some changes in the system.

Lowe adds the problems aren't unusual.

"We installed new equipment in 2007 and 2008," he says. "It was a few months transition for dispatchers to get used to that equipment at that time. So this is not unexpected."

Lowe also mentions that before it was installed, the new system was favored by most dispatchers over other alternatives.

He says there have been no public complaints about it.

Taking their equipment to the next level, they make sure the people of Wood County have the very best safety measures in place.

With technology's seven-year odyssey, Wood County 911 is ready for a change.

"Along with the fact that the hardware is starting to get old and has the potential of failing,” says Executive Director Randy Lowe.

The telephone system goes cutting edge.

"Our 911 lines, our administrative lines that ring in to the dispatchers and we are also upgrading our CAD, which is computer aided dispatching,” Lowe says. “This allows the dispatchers to be a lot more efficient in assisting not only the callers but also the public safety agencies."

Price tag -- about $383,000.

"We’re fortunate that we saved up enough money in our reserves to be able to handle the complete cost. We were also very fortunate in the fact that Wirt County gave us $192,000 to help,” Lowe says.

The center is nationally recognized for their efficiency.

"But that doesn't mean that we can't become more efficient,” Lowe says. “It doesn't mean that we can't face adversity at some point in time and we need to be able to overcome that adversity. This equipment will help us accomplish that."

This latest technology keeps the 911 center up-to-date, efficient and reliable, able to look out for the people they serve.

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