Tight Budget No Barrier for Student Newscast

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Every day you invite WTAP into your homes to catch the latest news and weather, and the hope for some local middle school students is that in ten years they too will appear on your television screen.

Every morning Van Devender Middle School has a student newscast.

Working on a shoe string budget, teacher William Stokes constructed the entire studio from antique equipment and scrap materials. That even includes a teleprompter made from an old lap top and a card board box.

It's a strong effort that doesn't go unappreciated by his students.

"We get to tell everyone the news and we're in our own little studio doing our thing," Karly Hunt, a student, said.

"It's really cool how we are able to do this," Loki Drummond, a student, said.

Each student in the program gets the opportunity to experience all aspects of the newscast; from anchoring, to being behind the camera and producing the show.

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