Neighbors Concerned about Area Fires

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As authorities continue to investigate a string of fires in the area, those living in the neighborhoods where they're happening are expressing concern.

"We look out for each other and make sure our properties are safe," Tammy Canty, a Parkersburg resident, said.

But 'safe' isn't exactly how she would describe the past few weeks. Nine fires have recently occurred in Parkersburg; many of them believed to be arson, and two of them occurring just yards away from Canty's home.

"I felt safe up until the two house fires. I'm just afraid that it will happen again, and I'm looking for another place to live," Canty said.

"We'd like to have a safe neighborhood for the kids," Denzil Robinson, a neighbor, said.

Community safety isn't the only issue. All the boarded up windows and caution/danger tape also have neighbors concerned.

"That's one of the homes I remember as a kid, and for it to be destroyed that way is wrong," Canty said about one of the burnt homes in her neighborhood.

"Hopefully we can rebuild and make the neighborhood look better," Robinson said.

A better appearance and safer for their families.

According to the City of Parkersburg, once the investigations are complete, homeowners will be notified to either demolish or rehab their houses. The same goes for any businesses that catch fire, and in those cases it's up to business owners to take care of. In the meantime all damaged structures must stay clean and secure.

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