93-Year-Old Writes Poetry Book

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She was born in 1921 in Canaanville, Ohio.

Throughout her long life she transformed her experiences as a coal miner's daughter and Appalachian woman into poetry.

93-year-old Erma Cale says she wrote the poetry collection because she wanted to keep a record of dates and events about her family and childhood.

Especially as the last surviving member of her immediate family, it's important to her to leave a legacy of her life.

“They all tell a story,” she says. “There's a lot of history behind it -- you know, about the mines and about the tragedies and about the way of life, through the depression.”

As for the name of her book, "Little Toes" Cale says as a little girl when she came home crying because someone spoke harsh words about her being a poor coal miner's daughter, her mother told her many times...

“Your little toes will be stepped upon... hold your head up high, tomorrow this hurt will be gone."

Cale is signing copies of her book this Sunday, May 18th at the Congregational Church in Belpre.

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