Nelson Takes the Stage

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This year's homecoming is no different, Friday night, 80's rock stars Matthew and Gunnar Nelson will be taking the stage. The brothers will wow the crowd with some classic songs from the past likes the mega-hit, After The Rain, as well as a tribute to their father, Ricky Nelson.

"I know that this, and I got sick last year and I couldn't make it, and so for me, I'm playing with double the intensity tonight, and I've got to make up for not being able to be here, and it was the first an only show in my life that I had to cancel, I literally couldn't speak, and when you see the show tonight, you'll understand why this wasn't going to work without me doing that, I'm here for keeps, this is going to be fun....."

The brothers hit the stage around 8:30 Friday night.

And if you just can't get enough of Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, you can find a half hour interview with the guys, right here on, where they talk about fame, food and Ashlee Simpson.

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