Fireworks: Yes or No?

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The Belpre Homecoming opened Thursday night with some bad news.

Homecoming officials announced Thursday that a highlight of the weekend festival, Saturday's fireworks display, has been cancelled.

In a statement issued Thursday afternoon, the Homecoming committee said it does not have enough of an area available to safely set off the display. The committee cited last year's accident at the Parkersburg Homecoming Festival as part of the reason for the safety concerns.

In the meantime, officials for the Parkersburg festival tell us that next weekend's fireworks displays of right now is still a go.

Homecoming chairman Jeff Bungard told us that the Parkersburg committee is still working on logistics as to where to launch its fireworks display.

Belpre officials said it would have needed an area the size of three football fields to hold the now-cancelled Saturday display.