Belpre Residents to Vote on School Levy

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Voters head to the polls in less than a week, and a hot topic on Belpre ballots deals with maintaining the city's schools.

The school levy is a five year plan for permanent improvements. This includes safety, energy and technology issues; with everything from replacing windows to updating computer labs.

It's total cost is just over $528,00, but when breaking down the numbers levy officials say for a taxpayer with a home valued at $100,000 dollars, the price boils down to about 30 cents a day. That's something some parents hope the community sees as worth every penny.

"We think Belpre City Schools is a great district to raise our children in. We have wonderful teachers, a wonderful staff here. We just think it's the best place in the area to raise your children," Melinda Baker, PTO president at Belpre Elementary, said.

The issue will be voted on in Belpre precincts only, May 4.

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