Job Outlook for Graduating College Seniors

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Within the next several weeks, tassels will fly and graduating college seniors will enter the workforce.

Last year at this time WTAP reported on the struggles college seniors were facing when searching for jobs.

This year's job outlook is still looking tough, but seniors have their hopes set high.

While some are hitting the job hunt hard, others say graduate school will be their next step.

"Just really keep looking, get whatever job I can to pay the bills and then hope for my big break," Aaron Lattanzi, a graduating senior said.

"It's incredibly saturated right now. There are plenty of people who have experience that are willing to work for entry level pay right now, so it's not really an option for me I don't think," Katie Oden, who is planning to enter graduate school, said.

"I'm going to keep applying (for jobs.) Their graduate program is in the evenings, so hopefully I'll get a nine to five job and then do their program in the evenings," Hailee Stender, a graduating senior, said.

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