Washington County Indictments

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A Washington County Grand Jury handed down the following indictments April 30, 2010.

Elvis A. Boswell

Lionel Gore
3 Counts Trafficking in Drugs

Ryan O. Nichols
Possession of Drugs

Travis Church
2 Counts Trafficking in Drugs

Daniel R. Sampson
Operation of a Motor Vehicle

Douglas G. Snider Jr.
10 Counts Theft
10 Counts Falsification
2 Counts Engaging in a Pattern of Corrupt Activity

Lucas A. Fine
Receiving Stolen Property

Justin M. Hill
2 Counts Burglary

Elizabeth Thompson
Trafficking in Marijuana
Aggravated Possession of Drugs

Jerry Raines
Failure to Register as a Sexually Oriented Offender
Obstructing Official Business

Edward Albert Minke
7 Counts Trafficking in Drugs
Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs
Conveyance of Drugs into Detention Facility
2 Counts Pattern of Corrupt Activity

Rennelle B. McKitrick
Trafficking in Drugs

Stacy Thompson
Breach of Recognizance Bond

Gregory A. Hart

Trent Mason
4 Counts Trafficking in Drugs

Ryan Davis
2 Counts Burglary

Chad Warner
3 Counts Trafficking in Drugs
Illegal Processing of Drug Documents
Deception to Obtain a Dangerous Drug

Mary Loraine Goodman

Derek R. McGee
Trafficking in Drugs

Timothy L. Rogers
Breach of Recognizance Bond

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