Young Voters Head to the Polls

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As election sites and candidates are busy preparing for Election Day, so are voters; some of them for the first time.

WTAP visited Williamstown High School to catch up with some of the area's youngest voters.

Students who are finally old enough to cast a ballot say it's a right they plan to exercise, no matter how big the election.

"It's kind of just a thing you want to do whenever you turn 18. You kind of get more independent and want to get all your privileges," Andrew Badgley, a registered voter, said.

"I'm 18 so I can do more things. It's exciting," Stewart Lane, a registered voter, said.

"We've come so far and we're an independent nation, and so it's very important that everyone goes and votes," Ashley Chichester, a registered voter, said.

"If you don't vote you can't complain, so you might as well vote for who you want in office," Colten Settle, a registered voter, said.

Students say they're more than willing to take ten minutes out of the day to make their voices heard, which should be especially easy Tuesday since they get the day off school.

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