Using Virtual Reality to Teach Against Drinking and Driving

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In a continuing effort to stop drinking and driving, police are visiting another area school to demonstrate the consequences.

Marietta Police were at Marietta High School Monday for a "driving under the influence" simulation.

The car doesn't actually go anywhere, but when putting on the virtual glasses, drivers get to see how difficult it is to focus on the road with impaired vision.

Students say the video game aspect of it is fun, but they wouldn't want to drive like that in a real-life situation.

"I swerved a lot and went over the speed limit and almost ran into a car," Felicia Zartman, a student driver, said.

"I just stepped on the pedal and it was pretty difficult to keep control. I was either gonna drive off a cliff or head-on a car, so I chose to head-on a car," Chris Rohrer, a student driver, said.

School officials say it's important for students to see just how dangerous drunk driving can be; especially before prom.

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