Casting a Ballot: Rain or Shine

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Voter turnout is typically low for off-year elections; especially when Election Day starts off as a wet one.

Fortunately for the election process, some people are always ready to vote, rain or shine.

Tuesday, we headed over to Neale Elementary; one of the polls where voters ventured into the wet weather to cast their ballots.

Those we talked to say a few showers won't keep them from exercising their rights.

"If I don't cast my ballot I don't have any say as to what's happening or who's doing anything," Jack Hill, a voter, said.

"I have the right and I think everyone should vote. We all have our different candidates we want to vote for and hopefully we'll make a difference," Sharon Nonamaker, a voter, said.

Wood County Clerk, Jamie Six, says days like Tuesday is one reason they now have the 'no-excuse', early voting.

He says more than 2,200 people took advantage of that in Wood County.

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