Williamstown Ball Fields for Sale

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The possibility of losing several little league and softball fields, has Williamstown residents trying to come up with a solution.

"It's just been something; you know when you have something for so long, you just think it's always going to be there," Mayor Jean Ford said about the fields.

The city has been using the land owned by Fenton Art Glass for several decades, but owner George Fenton says the company is now in need of extra income. Therefore the property is now for sale, and its appraisal value is $335,000.

"Money-wise there's just no way the city itself can afford it," Mayor Ford said.

On behalf of the athletic community, Williamstown High School athletic director, Jeff Givens is grateful for the land. He says without it, there won't be anywhere for the area's baseball youth to call home.

"The little leagues, your feeder programs; if you do away with those then sooner or later you're gonna be really behind because the kids aren't going to have the experience and things like that," Givens said.

"Fenton has done so much for our town. I look around the town and see something they've done everywhere, and we certainly would like to be the people that could help them at a time like this."

However, Ford says the money just isn't there.

"There is no perfect solution. The only perfect solution would be for the town to be able to buy the fields," she said.

Mayor Ford says Fenton is allowing the city to have first refusals to any offers made on the property. Until then, it will continue to be used for baseball.

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