Emerson Elementary Speed Zone

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A growing problem at Emerson Elementary on 36th street in Parkersburg is drivers speeding through the school zone.

Its to the point where the crossing guard at the school has to stand in the middle of the street flaring his arms to get drivers to pay attention.

Emerson Elementary crossing guard, John Huckno says, "god forbid someone hit one of the children."

Its not all fun and games for the crossing guard especially when students' safety is at risk.

Huckno claims, "we have a lot of people who don't realize the school zone is 15 miles an hour and not 45 miles an hour. Consequently they do speed through here which makes it a dangerous situation for the children."

A dangerous situation that school principal Lori Lowers hopes to correct with a grant for more parking.

She says, "with the additional of a parking lot, it will not only help us in the mornings, but at dismissal too because people are just lined up everywhere, parked on the street, ya know parked where ever they can find a spot. It really makes it hazardous."

Until Emerson Elementary gets the grants to build a parking lot and reduce congestion, all they can do is ask drivers to obey signs and ask students to look both ways before crossing.

Lowers says they have had a couple close calls where students have almost been hit.

Parents say the close calls are a little too close for comfort and its not only the children who are at risk.

Concerned mother, Kelly McKnight says, "our crossing guard does a nice job of trying to jump out there, but sometimes I'm scared he is going to be in danger as well."

Tori McKnight is in 5th grade and says drivers need to slow down."
Slowing down and paying more attention.

Emerson Elementary crossing guard feels, "the children are the most important part. They are our future."

Principal Lowers says there are a few properties for sale around the school that could potentially be a site for a new parking lot and the grants are in the process of being written up.

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