Presenting a Fort Harmar, U.S. Flag Replica

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Local history buffs now have another way to celebrate our stars and stripes; thanks to the hard work of two women.

Weeks of sewing and stitching went into the replica of the 1785 U.S. flag that waved over Fort Harmar.

It was prepared by Jean Bergen and Janice McGregor with the Marietta chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and was presented for the first time at a luncheon Thursday afternoon.

Bergen and McGregor say the project was a dual effort.

"I would take my machine to her house and sew. Finally for the last sewing, I took it home and finished it at home while she was doing the stars," McGregor said.

The flag will be used in an upcoming ceremony celebrating Fort Harmar's 225th anniversary, and will then be displayed in the Fort Harmar special exhibit at the Campus Martius Museum.

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