Soccer Tournament Brings Business to Town

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The tourist season kicked off this past weekend with the 19th annual Marietta Soccer Classic.

"Saturday was extremely busy, and it was good for us," Gregory Griffin, a manager at the Galley, said.

Griffin says big events bring in big restaurant crowds, and the same goes for the hotel industry.

"We have to make sure we don't overbook and just make sure we have the rooms ready," Traci Schwendeman, with the Lafayette Hotel, said.

Weekend events in the summer keep these places and others full, and really popular events like the Sternwheel festival is business they can rely on.

"Actually we have a six year waiting list," Schwendeman said.

"We usually put on extra staff and make sure we're staffed properly, and have everything ready for everybody," Griffin said.

Good for the public, business and the employees.

"We get to wear tennis shoes to work those weekends, so that's the plus," Schwendeman said.

Working in comfort to help bring comfort to others.

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