Boating Accident

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Investigators say the barge which the boat hit was properly lighted at the time. They're still trying to determine what caused the explosion.

"We seem to have an occurrence every couple of years of pleasure craft-barge-related accidents in this area," Dunn says. "Maybe it's because we have so much barge traffic tied up."

The barge's owner told us that the boat hit the part of the barge that was not lit. Two passengers from the accident remain hospitalized at Camden-Clark Hospital.

Charles Crumbley is listed in fair condition and Liz Fluharty is in good condition. Many consider Labor Day the unofficial end of summer. But Lieutenant Dunn says boating safety remains an issue well into fall.

One late summer event which will attract hundreds of boaters comes up this weekend: the annual Ohio River Sternwheel Festival.

"We'll have a large number of boats from the area and outside the area traveling through," Dunn says. "People need to be especially careful and conscious of these other boaters out there, and realize that while --they-- may be doing the right thing, they need to be aware of what these other boaters are doing, also."

Dunn says the busiest time for boat traffic during the festival, is right after Saturday night's fireworks display.