Update: Hung Jury in Michael Fox Trial

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UPDATE 5/24 12:04pm

A mistrial was declared Monday in the Michael Wayne Fox trial. Earliest date for a new trial is sometime in July.

The jury in the case told Judge Robert Waters at 11:45 Monday morning that it could not reach a verdict. The jury earlier indicated it was having difficulty reaching a verdict.

UPDATE: 5/21 4:40PM

A Wood County jury has found Suzanne Fox not guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter and Intentional Abuse or Neglect of an Elder Person.

The jury will continue deliberating Monday morning at 9:00 to determine the fate of her husband, Michael Fox.
Update: 04:00 PM, May 21

The jury is deliberating.


Update:12:15 PM, 5/21/2010

The case of Michael and Suzanne Fox went to the jury shortly after noon Friday. Jury deliberations will begin at 1:15.

The Mineral Wells couple is charged with Intentional Abuse or Neglect of an Elder Person, in the death of Robert Buck on December 13, 2008.
They are also charged with Voluntary Manslaughter, although the jury could instead deliver a verdict of Involuntary Manslaughter.


Update: May21 11:46

Closing arguments are underway in the trial of Michael and Suzanne Fox.

In the state's closing case, Assistant Prosecutor Joseph Troisi noted that Robert Buck had the mind of a child and if he did, why has he allowed to be around fires and heaters, which he had in the basement of the Fox home, where he dwelled the last year of his life.

Fox's attorneys, Joseph Albright Jr. argued that while the basement may have been cold when Buck died, there was heat in the basement in the days before and added that buck may have turned the heat off himself.

Michael and Suzanne Fox are charged separately with intentional abuse or neglect of an elderly person and voluntary manslaughter.

After closing arguments wrap up the jury will begin deliberations.

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A somewhat-emotional Michael Wayne Fox denied on the witness stand Monday...that he intended to let a 74-year-old man die in the basement of his Mineral Wells home.

Fox described buck as a "sidekick"...a friend of many years, who he allowed to move in to his home...and who decided on his own to move to the basement.

And although the state medical examiner has testified otherwise, he denied Buck suffered from a lack of nourishment.

"Had I have known that, I would have done something about it. Bobby and I were very close from the day I met him."

Fox and his wife, Suzanne, are charged with intentional abuse or neglect of an elder person and with voluntary manslaughter.

A jury is to begin deliberations Friday morning.

The state completed presenting its testimony Wednesday in the trial of a Mineral Wells couple.

Detective Shawn Graham says when he arrived at the Fox home in mid-December of 2008, the basement of the home, where Robert Buck had been living, was so cold Graham could see his own breath. But he says Suzanne Fox says keeping Buck in the basement permanently wasn't the couple's intention.

"She only intended on him staying there through the spring, summer and fall," said Graham, of the Wood County Sheriff's Department, "and she actually stated that's where the plan went wrong, was not getting him out of there before winter."

Michael Fox told Detective Graham Buck originally lived in an upper floor bedroom...where his body briefly was moved after it was found.

Graham says Fox said his living space was changed to the basement to give buck more freedom. But, originally, Fox didn't want deputies to know how cluttered the basement was.

"He stated he didn't want us to see 'that bad place', the basement," Graham recalled, regarding Michael Fox's apparent decision to move Buck's body to the bedroom. "However, he changed his mind and told us once the deputy arrived, that the upstairs was not Mr. Buck's bedroom."

Graham said Michael Fox would take Buck's meals down to him, adding Buck otherwise would often hoard food.

Doctors have testified Buck weighed less than 100 pounds at the time of his death. Something, as his physician testified, was apparently not his normal weight.

"On August 18, 2006, he weighed 139 pounds. On November 15 of '07, 132 pounds."

A weight which, as an emergency room doctor testified, had increased slightly, less than two months before he died.

Defense testimony began late Wednesday afternoon and is expected to continue Thursday.

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