Plant Closing Has Ripple Effect

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The impact of a local plant shutting down goes beyond the doors that will soon be closing.

American Municipal Power announced Wednesday it will be closing its Richard H. Gorsuch Plant on Ohio State Route 7 near Marietta.

The plant is set to close by mid-December, leaving about 90 employees searching for new jobs.

AMP's decision to flip the switch sooner than expected is leaving many others in the dark as they search for other resources.

One example is Eramet, located directly across the road from Gorsuch.

Spokesperson Joy Frank-Collins says it currently gets its water and steam from the plant.

She says Eramet has been expecting Gorsuch to close and has already looked into alternate sourcing.

Collins says Eramet is prepared to address the need for steam service, and will be discussing a water service time-line with AMP officials.

Solvay Advanced Polymers is another plant feeling the impact of this announcement.

Plant manager, Wally Kandel says they too were aware Gorsuch would eventually shut down, but didn't anticipate it happening so soon.

He says Solvay can't operate without the large amount of steam it currently purchases from Gorsuch.

Kandel says this decision is forcing the plant to do twice as much work by installing temporary facilities; requiring them to invest funds at a time when the economy is already struggling.

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