Idol Contest Winner Ready for Trip

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American Idol fans are gearing up for the season finale, and a local couple is preparing for a trip to see the show live.

This year's winner of Fox Parkersburg's Idol contest is Theresa Clift, who is taking her husband James with her.

Each week, contest participants would answer an idol question, and if they got it right, their names were put into a drawing.

Clift says after hearing her name announced, the excitement hasn't worn off a bit.

"We've never been to L.A., and outside of a Nascar race, we've never been to something that's been televised. It's very exciting. I hear there's gonna be lots of stars there, so we'll be able to rub elbows with the rich and famous," Clift said.

The Clifts leave for Los Angeles this coming Monday.

You can catch American Idol's two-part season finale on our Fox Parkersburg station next Tuesday and Wednesday.

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