Ohio Lawmakers Work to Ban Sexting

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The term 'sexting' is still fairly new, but is already something Ohio lawmakers are taking a serious look at.
However, it may take more than a new law to stop it.

With today's technology, just a click of a button and a message is instantly sent to others.

"They think it is so private, yet texting and sexting is not at all. It is not private," Lorie Amrine, an eighth grade health teacher, said.

Sexting is something Amrine says is spreading quickly among teenagers; meaning more of them are sending nude pictures via cell phones, e-mail and social networking sites. This is something that can impact those in the photos mentally and socially.

"The girls tend to think that this is a relationship forever and that their boyfriends love them and that they would never do anything like this to hurt them," Amrine said.

Sexting has become such an issue that now even the government is stepping in.

The Ohio House has already passed a bill that would prohibit children from sexting.

The bill is now making its way to the Ohio Senate. If passed, it will send young sexting offenders to juvenile court for punishment that wouldn't include jail. It would also protect teens from serious adult child pornography charges.

But no matter what the government or school regulations are, parents like Paige Fleming, who has an 18-year-old son, say their children's cell phone use should be monitored at home.

"I have allowed my son a great deal of freedom with his cell phone, but he knows that ultimately, I'm going to randomly pick up the phone and check every once in a while to see what he is texting and what people are texting him," Fleming said.

"This starts at home. Parents provide their children with phones," Amrine said.

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