Students Take Steps to Beat Cancer

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It isn't limited to certain ethnicities or age groups; cancer can impact anyone. So, one group is working to fight it at a young age.

Worthington Elementary had its own mini Relay for Life Friday.

After an opening ceremony where cancer survivors were recognized, each class walked along the school's outdoor path as a way to spread awareness, celebrate the lives of survivors and remember those who lost their lives to cancer.

"I'm walking for people with cancer and people who have survived from cancer," Pheobe Hayes, a student, said.

"Our class, we made these boxing gloves, put them on a poster and then made footsteps to the boxing gloves to punch out cancer," Joey Santos, a student, said.

Paul Frum and his great grandson, Cameron Matheny, are able to do activities like this relay together because Frum is a survivor.

"I had the cancer seven years ago and he was a year old," Frum said about Matheny.

Now seven years later these two men along with other survivors and classmates are working together to fight cancer.

This is the school's third year hosting the relay, and students raised more than $2,500.

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