UPDATE: Alcan Issues Clarification

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UPDATE: 6/9/10 2:30PM

In a statement released by Alcan Ravenswood, Wednesday, the following was said:

"Alcan Ravenswood said today that the company wanted to clarify information being circulated on an important matter that was part of the final offer proposed by the company to the United Steelworker Union Local 5668. The company said that work reorganization is simply the formation of a joint union/management committee with the help of a mutually selected third party facilitator to identify ways to help make Alcan Ravenwood best in class in the aluminum industry. It has been suggested that work reorganization would translate into job losses; it doesn't.

The output of that joint committee would be to identify opportunities to better utilize the talent of the company's trade and craft employees in performing higher level tasks that demand the skills and knowledge they possess and to have more of a cooperative working relationship among job classifications. In proposing this change to the agreement on the work reorganization issue, the company offered to provide some additional job security which the union ultimately rejected. It is also important to note that this joint initiative would have absolutely no adverse impact on any employee's seniority rights under the agreement. Alcan Ravenswood concluded by saying that it believes that the offer is a mutually beneficial agreement that balances the job and security needs of Ravenswood employees with the company's need to become more efficient in the highly competitive global aluminum industry. The company continues to produce aluminum products at the Ravenswood plant during the current contract extension, which expires at midnight on Monday, June 14".
UPDATE 6/8/2010 09:41AM

Ravenswood, W.Va. (AP) -- Union workers at the Alcan Rolled Products plant in Ravenswood will vote later this week on the company's latest contract offer.

More than 700 United Steelworkers Members are working under an extension of the existing contract, which expired June 1. Alcan is the largest employer in Jackson County.

Union leaders have scheduled voting to begin Thursday and end at midnight Saturday.

Alcan spokesman Morrie Newell says the company's offer includes health care insurance protection and a wage increase in each of the contract's two years.

It also includes a work reorganization provision that union leaders believe could lead to more layoffs.

Last year, Alcan laid off 168 workers.

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UPDATE: 6/4/10 8:50PM

Alcan has released the following statement to WTAP:

"Despite the hard work of the United Steelworkers local 5668, local bargaining committee and Alcan Ravenswood management, the parties were unable to reach full accord on a new collective bargaining agreement before the expiration of the extension for the current collective bargaining agreement, which occurred on Wednesday, June 2 at 11:59PM. However, the union and the company have now agreed to an extension of the expired agreement until June 14, 2010 in order for the union to conduct a ratification vote. The company's final offer for a new collective bargaining agreement was designed to balance the job and financial security of Ravenswood employees with the companies financial position and the need to become a more efficient producer in the global aluminum industry."

"The final offer included healthcare insurance protection and an increase in both the hourly wage rate and the pension benefit level in each of the two years of the agreement. In exchange, the company proposed a joint labor/management committee to identify and recommend important operational improvements through what is being called "work reorganization". The company believes that the final offer is fair and equitable and it hopes to receive a positive response from the union."
Updated 6/3/10 10:15 a.m.

The deadline for Alcan Aluminum's Ravenswood plant and the United Steelworkers Union to come to a contract agreement came and went but a plant spokesperson says negotiations are still in the works.

A union employee said union representatives and company officials met until 3 a.m. Thursday and an offer was made by the company.

No details have been released and workers are reportedly on the job as scheduled Thursday.
Negotiations continue between Alcan Aluminum's Ravenswood plant and the United Steelworkers union on a new contract.

The current contract between the company and the union was due to expire at midnight Monday...but a company spokesman says the two sides have agreed to an extension.

That contract extension is due to end Wednesday night.

The two sides have been in contract talks for the past two weeks.

Alcan is Jackson County's largest employer.


Alcan/Ravenswood & USW Agree to Contract Extension Expiring 6-2-10 Midnight

June 1, 2010

Alcan Rolled Products—Ravenswood, LLC and the United Steel Workers Union Local 5668 have agreed to a contract extension of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement. The extension which will expire on Wednesday, June 2 at 11:59 p.m. covers 700 hourly

Alcan Rolled products—Ravenswood, LLC is one of the leaders in aluminum technological capability and breadth of product line. It produces high quality aluminum plate, coil and sheet and operates one of the world’s largest rolling mills. Principal markets served include
aerospace, defense, transportation and industry. It is one of the largest employers in Jackson County, WV and employs approximately 1,000 people in total. For more information please visit www.alcanrolledproducts.com.

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