4-H Space Adventure Camp

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They may not be too far from home, but for some middle school students summer camp is the closest they've come to outer space.

4-H Space Adventure Camp kicked off Tuesday at Marietta College.

Dozens of students going into sixth through eighth grade are spending three days with hot air balloons, rockets, computer simulations and more.

Camp counselors say it's a good experience for their first time away from home.

"For a lot of these students it's their first time away at camp, so it's really good for them to get to come. It's a shorter camp, so it's not a full week that they're gone. It's a really busy camp. We have things planned for them all the time, so they don't have time to think about, 'oh, I wanna go home,'" Jen Atkins, a counselor, said.

The camp will wrap up Thursday evening with a graduation, and the launching of rockets and hot air balloons for parents to see.

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