Updated: Obama Says 10,000th Road Project A 'Big Deal'

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Columbus, Ohio (AP) -- President Barack Obama is marking what he says is a milestone in the country's road to economic recovery: The 10,000th road building project paid for by federal stimulus dollars.

Echoing his often effusive Vice President, Obama called the project in Columbus, Ohio, a "big deal."

The President said such projects haven't just improved communities, but have put thousands of construction workers back to work and spurred activity at other businesses as a result.

Obama's brief visit to the politically important state is part of a new effort by the administration to remind the public that the $862 billion economic stimulus bill is still churning out jobs in a nation dogged by high unemployment.

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Washington (AP) -- President Barack Obama is dashing into Ohio for the groundbreaking of a $25 million road project, part of his strategy to remind Americans that the massive stimulus spending he signed into law is still churning out the jobs.

Obama will be in Columbus, Ohio, for only about 90 minutes Friday, long enough to celebrate what the White House calls a significant moment: The start of the 10,000th road project launched under the recovery act.

The President will use the event to point out that thousands of other road projects are slated this summer.

Improvements to national parks, drinking water systems and energy plants are also on the list.

The economy remains the top worry of Americans this election year.

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