Protecting Skin from Harmful Rays

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The summer season is in full swing and chances are you've already been told, "don't forget your sunscreen."

Cara Holbert keeps a close eye on her little girls, always making sure they're protected.

"She gets burnt pretty bad, so we gotta cover her up pretty good," Holbert said about one of her daughters.

For Holbert's family, a day at the pool always includes sunscreen to block harmful ultra-violet rays.

"I still worry about their hairlines and stuff. They get burnt there pretty bad," Holbert said.

"Skin cancer is something that's very real and is linked to extended sun exposure," Anthony Goocey, a nurse practitioner, said.

Goocey says using sun block is just the first step. It's important to wear it any time you're outside; not just for days at the pool.
This includes cloudy, overcast days as well.
You should reapply sunscreen after sweating or spending time in the water, remember to cover all exposed areas and the higher the SPF, the better the protection.
Last but not least, watch for any areas of skin being damaged by the sun.

"If you say, 'this mole has always been this size and this color,' and it's getting larger or any kind of change, that definitely should be checked out," Goocey said.

"Their pediatrician definitely tells us to do that. So yes, make sure to always put sunscreen on," Holbert said.

Goocey says if you do get sun burned, it can be treated with over-the-counter medications.
If you suffer a severe burn with major discomfort, you may consider seeking medical treatment.

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