Cyclists Leave Positive Impact on Community

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Thousands of cyclists rode out of Marietta Wednesday morning for their next stop on the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure.

As they cycled their way through the city, they recycled money into the community.

"We really appreciated the business," Asunta Damron, owner of My Favorite Things, said.

Making their way through shops, ice cream stands, restaurants and more.

"We couldn't dip ice cream and cut fudge fast enough. It was great," Damron said.

"We went through a ton of water and a lot of ice cream," Adam Work, owner of Work's Place, said.

"It probably tripled our business over the past couple of days. It was great. We were busier earlier and definitely a lot busier into the night than normal," Ryan Bates, an employee at Austyn's, said.

Not only did the bikers boost business while they were in town, but they also left a lasting impression when they rode out.

"They were gracious, they were great, they loved our city. I know a lot of them are planning on making a trip back here," Bates said.

"Their stories of where they've been and where they were coming from and their families," Damron said.

"They were really friendly people," Work said.

After spending a few days enjoying the company of thousands of new faces:

"Now comes the fun part of getting everything cleaned up and put back together. Hopefully we'll see more business like that come around," Work said.

Business that got the economy rolling in the right direction.

Many businesses stayed open later than usual to accommodate the cyclists, and they hope the tour takes the group through Marietta again next year.

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