New Marietta Wine Cellars a Success

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It has been three months since fire swept through the Marietta Wine Cellars; burning it to the ground. Now, owners say business is booming again.

Replenishing the supply is just part of what the store is doing to get back on track.

"The challenges were really great because number one, of course we lost all the paperwork," Mary Jane Phillips, an owner, said.

With lots of hard work, often into the late night hours, owners Allen and Mary Jane Phillips have a new shop complete with a winery, the store and even a lounge area with a creative wall mural in the works.

"We feel great, and I guess all these hours we're putting in right now to get reopened are worth it," Allen said.

"The customers have been there 200 percent. I never realized how many people were actually behind us," Mary Jane said.

It's that community support that got them back on their feet so quickly.

"It's great for Marietta for them to be back open," Trina Miller, a customer, said.

Owners are hoping to come back even stronger than before, and they aren't forgetting why they're here. So, they even have a new bottle to remember the day of the fire.
With 3/22/10, the fire's date on the front, 'Phoenix' is the store's newest addition.

"The phoenix is of course the bird rising from the ashes, and that's what we did," Mary Jane said.

The new Marietta Wine Cellars is located on 2nd Street next to the Galley.
They're planning to have a grand reopening sometime in July.

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