Bacteria in Reusable Shopping Bags

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Reusable shopping bags are no doubt good for the environment, but if not used correctly could be bad for your health.

A recent study found 97 percent of shoppers using the bags don't regularly wash them out.

This is something health experts say can lead to bacteria problems.

WTAP caught up with a doctor at Quick Care in Vienna, who says the bags are no different than any other food storage or container.

"The bags are essentially like your silverware and your plates. If you take the food off them, put them away and reuse them, you're liable to have food-borne diseases," Brian Whalin M.D. said.

Researchers also found about three fourths of people place all their food items into one bag.

Dr. Whalin says you should use seperate bags for things like meat and vegetables in order to avoid cross contamination.

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