From Mayor to Musician: Helping the Community

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Suits, speeches and paperwork: those are just some of the things that come to mind when you think of politicians, but the mayor of Marietta is taking a personal talent and putting it to good use.

"I love being the mayor and I love makin' music. It's neat when you have the ability to make the things you like to do in life part of your career," Marietta's mayor said.

Marietta Mayor Michael Moon Mullen just put out a CD titled 'Moon Over,' and all proceeds of the folk music go to benefit events at Armory Square on Front Street.

"I enjoy the music. It's definitely not what you hear on the radio every day," Erin Law, an intern at the mayor's office, said.

Law says it's nice to see a more relaxed side to politics.

"It definitely makes him more personable. You kind of get to see a more personal side to him than just the mayor who sits behind the desk at city hall," she said.

From mayor to musician; both roles are to help the community, and that's just what Mullen is doing with the Armory Square project.

"When I came into office, we didn't have a dime in the Armory account. Now we have over $3 million, which is going to allow us to do the full build-out; to really put all the bells and whistles to really make this a multi-use community center," Mayor Mullen said.

Marietta is already fully funded for the construction of the Armory Square project, but to keep maintenance up, Mayor Mullen has created "Friends of the Armory."
A $20 membership will get you a free copy of "Moon Over."

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