Governor Strickland Reacts to Senator Byrd's Death

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The news of Senator Robert Byrd's death remains on the minds of many, and the impact stretches beyond the Mountain State's borders.

During a visit to Marietta, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland spoke with WTAP about the life of Senator Byrd.

He described the longest serving member of congress as a great figure in American history.

Strickland also says Byrd was a passionate defender of the constitution and an advocate for the people of West Virginia.

"He was an historic figure. This is a man who through the course of his life demonstrated that it's possible to learn and to change in positive ways," Governor Strickland said.

Governor Strickland says he remembers Byrd speaking on the senate floor: Always with a deep respect for the senate, but never being hesitant to fight for his people or for what he thought was right.

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